Hmmm, what would it be like to hear 80 voices singing my songs in four part harmony?  The Echo Women’s Choir of Toronto has invited me to arrange two of my songs as part of their next concert. Arranging my music for choir has been a really great challenge and I look forward to performing with this amazing group on Dec. 12th – I’ll keep you posted as the date approaches.

Good things come in pairs – I recently sang on the new Prince Brothers single “In Pairs”. Listen and see the video here.

I leave you now with a blast from the past. I recently went to a ukulele workshop held by James Hill , known as one of the best players of that instrument in the world and the creator of a new ukulele music teaching program. I’ve been a big uke fan most of my life – starting in grade 5 when I joined the school uke band. So I’m brushing up on it now and feeling inspired. Maybe I’ll write some new uke tunes. Here’s one I recorded a-waaaaay back…

Ukulele Dropout

Catch us this month at the Tranzac Club on Thurs. October 21st.